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  • From Garmin to TomTom

    For the last years, I used 2 Garmin Zumos and then, with the BMW RT, I got first the Navigator V and then later the Navigator VI, BMW branded versions of Garmin hardware. In all that time, all the devices have shown the same set of problems: Random Crashes during the drive. You plan a route, you […]

  • On the road to Dubrovnik

    I started with 21966km on the bike clock, at around 8:00 in the morning. A bright blue sky, even though it was still a bit cool, 12-15 degrees. But then I arrived at the Gotthard tunnel. I did not expect that, in front of the tunnel 14.5 degrees. In the middle of the tunnel 35 […]

  • A weekend in the Swiss Alps

    The weekend 14.10-15.10.2017 was a beautiful weekend over most of Europe. Christoph, a friend of mine from Berlin happened to be in Bozen, Italy for 2 weeks, and we decided beforehand that if the weather holds, we meet in Switzerland and tour a bit.As I just came back from Spain with the R1200RT, I decided […]

  • The road taken

    The day after the company offsite, I needed to go back to Zurich. I started at 8:30 in the morning and decided that I wanted to get at least past Barcelona into France, due to the political situation in Catalonien, I did not consider it a good idea to stay there overnight. It was a […]

  • 4.10.2017 – Jerez

    I was primarily looking for a destination, on my last day of riding in Spain. Jerez de la Frontera was the right distance, the right direction and the roads let again through the beautiful Parque Natural los Alcornocales. The C-3331 did not disappoint, it was a windy road with lot‘s of great views. Only disadvantage […]

  • 3.10.2017 – Cordoba

    I got up early, at around 6:30, got breakfast as soon as the hotel allowed, and was on the road shortly after 8:00. It was another beautiful day, temperatures between 20C in the mornings and 32C in the afternoon in the City of Cordoba. To get there, I decided to take the „autopista“ on the […]

  • 2.10.2017 – The mountains around Marbella

    I spend the last 2 days riding a good 24 hours, 2200km. Now, I am finally here, the weather is beautiful, the hotel luxurious. So I do whatever sane person would do, I have breakfast, put my gear on, and head into the mountains, for a quick 3 hour ride. The tour touches the Parque […]

  • The road to Marbella

    30.9.2017 Zurich to Sitges I start later in the morning, as I love to have breakfast with my wife, and we got talking, and at the end it was 9:40 before I hit the road. Originally I wanted to travel today to Martao, a town close west to Barcelona. That‘s a bit over 1000km, and […]

  • Touring the passes over the national holiday

    Tomorrow I finally have 2 days of time and the weather is supposed to be nice. So I decided to combine 2 hobbies of mine: Astrophotography and touring this beautiful country.  I will ride to Grimselpass (not the straight way: Klausenpass and Sustenpass are on the way, if you are willing to waste some time) […]

  • Sustenpass, another pass around the block

    The Sustenpass is the number one rated motorcycle pass (by a popular German motorcycle magazine, (MotorradOnline) in Switzerland. Going there again, from my new home, takes a good hour to the start of the pass. Around 10km before the pass start, I have a short pitstop, at a Gasstation/Fastfood chain, which accidentally is the same […]