2.10.2017 – The mountains around Marbella

I spend the last 2 days riding a good 24 hours, 2200km. Now, I am finally here, the weather is beautiful, the hotel luxurious. So I do whatever sane person would do, I have breakfast, put my gear on, and head into the mountains, for a quick 3 hour ride.
The tour touches the Parque Natural los Alcornocales and then goes further north to the Parque de la Sierra de Grazelema. Beautiful vitas, nice, grippy tarmac, some of the best roads i have recently driven on.
The only downside is the speed limit. This tour, per Garmin, was supposed to last a good 4 hours. But, that was based on 40km/h or 50km/h speed limits all the way. Curiously, no Spanish person takes any heed to those recommendations, and i like to blend in with the locals while on vacation.
Not a lot of good photo opportunities, while the views were grant, the sun was too bright, the contrast to low, and the fun while riding to much to stop often and take pictures.
Got back to the Hotel around 2pm, and for the rest of the day I will stay on my private balcony, have some coffee and relax.


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