3.10.2017 – Cordoba

I got up early, at around 6:30, got breakfast as soon as the hotel allowed, and was on the road shortly after 8:00.
It was another beautiful day, temperatures between 20C in the mornings and 32C in the afternoon in the City of Cordoba.
To get there, I decided to take the „autopista“ on the way to Cordoba. I wanted to maximize time, get there as fast as i can, spend as much time as i want, and then decide what way to take later on my way home.
Using the paid motorways cost me another 12 Euros, but on the other hand, I arrived in Cordoba on a paid parking lot opposing the old town center around 2:30h later. Changed out of my motorcycle gear, put it all in the panniers, and went to see the Cathedral of Cordoba, explore the old town, see the gardens and the outer walls.
There are tons of guides on the Internet for Cordoba, it is one of those places that everyone with an interest in European history, in Art, in Cathedrals, in any mix of that, should see once in his lifetime. It is fascinating place, where you can see statues of Arabic scholars a few meters away from one of the few synagogues that survived in Spain. Where you can visit the most beautiful cathedral i have ever seen, that used to be a mosque. Great place, go there if you get a chance.
I left around 4pm, it was hot and i walked enough for a day, so I took the scenic route over the A-369 and A-367, which took me a good 3:15h to get home again. Beautiful vistas, nice roads with good, grippy surface. And roadsigns reminding you to drive 40km/h an hour. I assumed that was the minimum required speed, and that felt fine.
The GPX file for this route can be found here


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