4.10.2017 – Jerez

I was primarily looking for a destination, on my last day of riding in Spain. Jerez de la Frontera was the right distance, the right direction and the roads let again through the beautiful Parque Natural los Alcornocales.
The C-3331 did not disappoint, it was a windy road with lot‘s of great views. Only disadvantage though was the surface which varied a lot, so driving was a tad more careful than the day before. It was great fun though, and i can recommend using that road just for the views.
Arriving in Jerez, I parked close to the Alcazar de Jerez, a nice old castle that i wanted to visit. The only other thing i wanted to do is to buy some Brandy, but, sadly I found no store open that sold some.
Siesta time in Spain is something to get used to, pretty much everything shuts down after 2pm. So no Brandy for me.
I went back over the A381, which took only half the time, arriving early enough for a quick shower before the „business“ part of the trip started and my colleagues arrived.


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