Touring the passes over the national holiday

Tomorrow I finally have 2 days of time and the weather is supposed to be nice.

So I decided to combine 2 hobbies of mine: Astrophotography and touring this beautiful country.  I will ride to Grimselpass (not the straight way: Klausenpass and Sustenpass are on the way, if you are willing to waste some time) and stay the night there, to stargaze and shoot some milkyway pictures if the sky is clear enough.

Next day, it goes back home, riding down Grimselpass, then over Furkapass, Overalppass and Chur back home. Today I spend 4 hours on my Thruxton and took 3 other passes here in the closer area. Yes, Switzerland has its disadvantages in terms of police controls etc, but man is that country beautiful.

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