Category: Switzerland

  • Greifensee, early morning

    This morning, we got up at around 5:30 and went to Greifensee, a beautiful area 10min away from us. One of the first things we saw was a beaver, swimming across the lake. In general, we were lucky, observed the mating dance of the crested grebe, and saw at least a lot of other action, […]

  • Nuoler Ried, on a grey afternoon

    First time to the Nuoler Ried, and it was a forgettable, grey April afternoon. Not a lot to see there, and the light was terrible. But we were glad we went, as we saw for the first time a flock of around ten swans take flight and move straight towards us. A great experience, those […]

  • Katzensee, March 2021

    Spend 2 hours today walking around Katzensee. Due to the birds breeding, a lot of the area is off limits for walking, but still managed to have a nice enough time.

  • Säntis

    This weekend was nice. Sunny, more or less blue skies. So we decided to go and enjoy nature. This Sunday, we visited Säntis. It is a good hour away from Zurich. It was full, and I regreted not to have taken the FFP2 masks with me, as I just did not anticipate sitting in a […]

  • Zurich, in the Toni Areal

    We went out for a little shooting today, it was sunny when we left, and was dark and rainy 3 hours later. The Toni Areal is the area where the Zurich Academy of Arts is located. It used to be a milk factory, now it’s a cultural centre, with libraries, museum, restaurants and student life. […]

  • BLM Demo in Zurich, 13.6.2020

    I went to the BLM demonstration in Zurich. Over 10.000 people attended, and it was an emotionally powerful, very peaceful event. I am glad I went to show my support for those who are discriminated against for generations with no hope in sight for any real change. I am not sure this will actually fix […]

  • Dear Friend

      Prelude Some years ago, my life got twisted. My wife got breast cancer, and it was a dark time for me. I was afraid to loose her, I was afraid to fail her by not being strong enough. Luckily for us, she survived, and now over 6 years later, she is “cured”. But, back […]

  • A new bike arrives

    If you don’t care about why others buy what bike, stop reading now. For the last 3.5 years, i was riding a 2015 BMW R1200RT with much joy, a little over 10tkm per year on that one. It was the easiest bike to ride i ever have ridden, and it is probably one of the […]

  • Cuba vacation, 2019

    We spend 3 weeks in Cuba, February 2019. I came back with nearly 900 photos, and I am trying to sort through them. For now, here are some of the nicer once from Havana.

  • Fuji XT2 filmsimulations for CaptureOne 11

    I am using CaptureOne for my photo management and editing needs. One of the things I miss from Lightroom are the easy available film simulations for the XT2. In CaptureOne you can achieve the same by using ICC profiles. Some of the great members in the community created profiles to simulate the film effects, and […]