Fuji XT2 filmsimulations for CaptureOne 11

I am using CaptureOne for my photo management and editing needs. One of the things I miss from Lightroom are the easy available film simulations for the XT2.
In CaptureOne you can achieve the same by using ICC profiles. Some of the great members in the community created profiles to simulate the film effects, and they are available for download at varies places on the net.
What is missing though is the adaptation of the file for the XT2. The profiles, at least the ones I found, are all created for the XT1 or the Pro, and while they are exactly the same in terms of use for the XT2, they show up for the wrong camera in the CaptureOne menu.
To fix this, you only have to change the file names to the correct set. For those who find this post, but primarily for me, in case I forgot what I did:
Here are the original instructions I used:
[Eivind Rohne]
And then I changed the filenames, after copying them to the correct folder, and if you can like, you can download a zipped file with the .iCC files [here]