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  • Bears in Slovenia

    Bears in Slovenia

    I am grateful to have spend 3 days with, I spend 5-6 hours a day in a comfortable hide in the woods of slovenia. You can read more about the area and the services they provide at the link above. We were lucky (5-7 people in the group), we saw bears every day. Out […]

  • Touring the passes over the national holiday

    Tomorrow I finally have 2 days of time and the weather is supposed to be nice. So I decided to combine 2 hobbies of mine: Astrophotography and touring this beautiful country.  I will ride to Grimselpass (not the straight way: Klausenpass and Sustenpass are on the way, if you are willing to waste some time) […]

  • Sustenpass, another pass around the block

    The Sustenpass is the number one rated motorcycle pass (by a popular German motorcycle magazine, (MotorradOnline) in Switzerland. Going there again, from my new home, takes a good hour to the start of the pass. Around 10km before the pass start, I have a short pitstop, at a Gasstation/Fastfood chain, which accidentally is the same […]

  • Klausenpass

    The Klausenpass ( is one of the few higher altitude passes that is open already in May, and it is close by. It takes a bit over an hour with normal traffic to get to the start of the pass, but, if you are like me and have your navigation system (iPhone 7) in some […]

  • From Fes to Marrakech

    2 days later, at 9:30 am, I am leaving Fes, departing with the same constant drizzle as the day I arrived. I am on the way to the N8, the main road to Marrakech. Temperature is a good 9 degrees. Unfortunately, the road is going up into the mountains. After 20 km it becomes colder, […]