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  • Back from Tansania

    Testing if it is easy to export lightroom images with metadata… Above is a foogalery, it works there, but it’s not what i want. Below is a Meow Gallery which has an EXIF lightbox.

  • Zurifest 2023

    See here:

  • Snow in the Zoo

    Snow in the Zoo

    Got up early and was at the Zoo 9am sharp on this Sunday morning. It was quiet, maybe a dozen photographers were there, the first families appeared 1.5 hours later, when I was on the way to the exit again. Waited for 40min at the Snowleopard area to only see a bird landing. No Leopards,…

  • Flachsee in December

    Flachsee in December

    Sunday, December 11, we went to Flachsee again. Last time I was here was before the pandemic and my retina loosened itself during the walk around the lake, so I had not the fondest of memories. But this day, it was magical. Beautiful light, lot’s of birds (a flock of at least 60 geese and…

  • Goonhammer Halloween Havoc, 2022

    Goonhammer Halloween Havoc, 2022

    A weekend of travel and Warhammer 40k   Jonas and I travelled to Nottingham on Friday to take part in the Goonhammer 40K tournament. Initially 69 People (I think) started in the event, by Sunday evening we were down to 65.  It was exhausting, but a lot of fun. Playing 3 games a day, 3…

  • Windows… the end…

    I swear, this is the last time. The last time I come home, turn on the machine and it does not work. The last time I am spending hours trying to figure out “what changed since yesterday”. This time, System Restore.. failed Trying to recover from ActiveBackup (Synology) failed, because to create a restore disk…

  • A grey day at Lake Zurich

    A grey day at Lake Zurich
  • Another afternoon in the Zurich Zoo

    Another afternoon in the Zurich Zoo
  • Greifensee in September

    Greifensee in September

    I took my new 800mm lens out to Greifensee this morning. I am very pleased with the intial results. The lens is very light (for this kind of lens, still hurts after 30min holding it straight up :)) and incredible sharp.

  • The last Christmas present….

    The last Christmas present….

    The Ork Killrig. It took quiet a while to assemble and paint, but it was worth it. An amazing model, so much detail, so colorful and fun to finish.