Windows… the end…

I swear, this is the last time.

The last time I come home, turn on the machine and it does not work.

The last time I am spending hours trying to figure out “what changed since yesterday”.

This time, System Restore.. failed

Trying to recover from ActiveBackup (Synology) failed, because to create a restore disk you need a running windows system. What a joke.

Trying to reinstall Windows from USB failed – because I am getting a “no drivers on that stick” error. An error that has > 10 pages of messages on the MS forum.

Right now I am installing a Windows VM on my NAS so that i can take those useless .EXE files that AMD and others provide and execute them, so that i might be able to have drivers on that USB stick.

I swear when I am done restoring this super fast machine, i need to evaluate if Windows is worth that time waste.

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