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  • Flachsee in December

    Flachsee in December

    Sunday, December 11, we went to Flachsee again. Last time I was here was before the pandemic and my retina loosened itself during the walk around the lake, so I had not the fondest of memories. But this day, it was magical. Beautiful light, lot’s of birds (a flock of at least 60 geese and […]

  • Windows… the end…

    I swear, this is the last time. The last time I come home, turn on the machine and it does not work. The last time I am spending hours trying to figure out “what changed since yesterday”. This time, System Restore.. failed Trying to recover from ActiveBackup (Synology) failed, because to create a restore disk […]

  • Greifensee in September

    Greifensee in September

    I took my new 800mm lens out to Greifensee this morning. I am very pleased with the intial results. The lens is very light (for this kind of lens, still hurts after 30min holding it straight up :)) and incredible sharp.

  • The last Christmas present….

    The last Christmas present….

    The Ork Killrig. It took quiet a while to assemble and paint, but it was worth it. An amazing model, so much detail, so colorful and fun to finish.

  • Foxy Zurich

    Foxy Zurich

    This Saturday morning, my wife is looking out the window, across the street, to the field. We saw a white weasel there a few days ago, so we now keep a bit closer watch on it. She says: “is that a fox over there?”. We get the binoculars, and yes, it is. We keep observing […]

  • A summer afternoon in the city

    Photograhing and ending up at the Prime Tower, once again.

  • Created my first set of Chaos Bikers for 40K

    They were old marine bikers that I had lying around and never painted, so I thought I convert them to 40K Chaos Space Marines, or at least paint them in the right fashion.

  • The mighty duck

    of Rapperswil. Today I went with the new Nikon Z 7 II to Rapperswil to do some bird watching. It was miserable, grey and foggy. But I am rather pleased with the percentage of good photos, much better than my outings with the old system.

  • Packaging waste…

    I ordered a little tool, something that can easily tighten and loosen all the things i need on a tripod/camera setup. It came today. Of course in carton, and inside there was the obligatory carton of the company making the tool. In that carton was this: And when you open the inside box, you find […]

  • Donald is teaching history

    Today, Donald is teaching us about American history. He is complaining about the 1619 project (which won a Pulitzer), calling it left-wing propaganda. Trump said children should know “they are citizens of the most exceptional nation in the history of the world”.” I can understand that you want to paint your own country in the […]