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  • Broncolor, Godox and Profoto

    My wife is a professional photographer, and for the last 3 years, she used Broncolor Siros 800L in the studio. Outside of those 2, we had 3 Godox speed lights. For those unfamiliar, the Siros 800L system is around 5000 CHF for a set of 2. So we are talking about serious gear there.Now both systems […]

  • Katzensee, March 2021

    Spend 2 hours today walking around Katzensee. Due to the birds breeding, a lot of the area is off limits for walking, but still managed to have a nice enough time.

  • Aretha Franklin “Amazing Grace” by Sidney Pollack

    Movie recommendation: 2 years ago a documentary about Aretha Franklin, shot by Sidney Pollack from 1972 was released. I don’t know why it was not released in the 70s, but it was released beginning of this year in Switzerland. I finally found it on AppleTV, not sure where else it’s on. It is not so […]

  • Säntis

    This weekend was nice. Sunny, more or less blue skies. So we decided to go and enjoy nature. This Sunday, we visited Säntis. It is a good hour away from Zurich. It was full, and I regreted not to have taken the FFP2 masks with me, as I just did not anticipate sitting in a […]

  • Created my first set of Chaos Bikers for 40K

    They were old marine bikers that I had lying around and never painted, so I thought I convert them to 40K Chaos Space Marines, or at least paint them in the right fashion.

  • Pfäffikersee, Januar 2021

  • Colored lights and WH 40K fun

    Spend an hour or two playing with lights under the guidance and with the help of my wife. For a first attempt, I like the results.

  • Trumpistan is not giving up

    Senators in final bid to derail certification of Biden’s victory When read it the first time, the first sentence derailed my line of thought: “A group of US senators say they will refuse to certify Joe Biden’s election victory unless a commission is set up to investigate alleged voter fraud.” And I thought: good, they […]

  • Robotics has come so far

  • Zurich, in the Toni Areal

    We went out for a little shooting today, it was sunny when we left, and was dark and rainy 3 hours later. The Toni Areal is the area where the Zurich Academy of Arts is located. It used to be a milk factory, now it’s a cultural centre, with libraries, museum, restaurants and student life. […]