Trumpistan is not giving up

Senators in final bid to derail certification of Biden’s victory

When read it the first time, the first sentence derailed my line of thought:

A group of US senators say they will refuse to certify Joe Biden’s election victory unless a commission is set up to investigate alleged voter fraud.”

And I thought: good, they want to set up a commission to investigate the stupid allegations. Of course, that’s not what this is about, but I find it ridiculous how a group of rich people can derail an election with one lawsuit after the next without having shown any proof, any hint at all that there was any wrongdoing.

This is the rich and entitled fighting democracy. This is exactly the kind of “swamp” that Trump was promising to fight (not that I ever believed that, he is the Swamp King).

I wish they would actually succeed in this. So that they can get a final proof of this whole Trump story of voter fraud is a total fabrication. Which it is, as has been proven like 40x in court by now. No evidence, not even any plausible story or hint of wrongdoing. Trump lost. And only in a banana republic like the USA can a story like this continue to unfold.


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