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  • Goonhammer Halloween Havoc, 2022

    Goonhammer Halloween Havoc, 2022

    A weekend of travel and Warhammer 40k   Jonas and I travelled to Nottingham on Friday to take part in the Goonhammer 40K tournament. Initially 69 People (I think) started in the event, by Sunday evening we were down to 65.  It was exhausting, but a lot of fun. Playing 3 games a day, 3…

  • More MCP

    More MCP

    Really happy how KingPin turned out.

  • Colored lights and WH 40K fun

    Spend an hour or two playing with lights under the guidance and with the help of my wife. For a first attempt, I like the results.

  • Warhammer 40K

    After Games Workshop pretty much killed the game I spend a lot of time in (Warhammer Fantasy Battles), and replaced it with Age of Sigmar, where my army does not exist anymore, I pretty much gave up on the hobby for a few years. Then, after moving to Zurich, my Son and I visited Tactica…