Warhammer 40K

After Games Workshop pretty much killed the game I spend a lot of time in (Warhammer Fantasy Battles), and replaced it with Age of Sigmar, where my army does not exist anymore, I pretty much gave up on the hobby for a few years.

Then, after moving to Zurich, my Son and I visited Tactica Games, the local table top gaming store. There we discovered Kill Team, a squad based game in the Warhammer 40K universe. It lured us in, we are not both building 2 KillTeams and got the Indominus Set for the 40K 9th  Edition game.

So, now I am working on a Space Wolf army (always liked them). Here are 2 models, I finished today. SpaceWolves_Impulsor

I especially like the rust and weather effects. I am using Vallejo Pigments for that, and I think it turns out great.


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