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  • Testing the Nikon Z7

    We never wanted to buy the Z7. If we go Nikon, we wanted to buy the Z 7–II, but that one was not yet available. But, because the sensor was identical, and the camera would only be better, faster, stronger (to quote a YouTube’ video), it should be good enough to test it against the […]

  • Leaving Fuji

    I have been a commited Fuji shooter since 2013. I used to use Canon, until the 5D Mark II, and finally the package got to heavy for me. I remember the day when it hit me, I was visiting New York City on buisiness, and I brought one extra backpack – just for the Camera. Fuji, […]

  • FLM CT-43 FTR II

    FLM CT-43 FTR II

    Due to system change, and the desire to take better wildlife photography, was looking to upgrade my tripod head. I have several tripods, most of them have the Siriu default heads. And then there is the peak design travel pod with it’s own unique head.They have their benefits, they are light, beside the main one, […]

  • Nikon Z7 II and CaptureOne 20/21

    CaptureOne does not support the new Nikon cameras, neither the Z6 II, nor the, just yesterday released, Z7 II. With Adobe releasing the new DNG Converter, there is (outside of the exif change hack – which i assume is exactly what Adobe did in the converter – treat the Z7 II as the Z7, they […]

  • Packaging waste…

    I ordered a little tool, something that can easily tighten and loosen all the things i need on a tripod/camera setup. It came today. Of course in carton, and inside there was the obligatory carton of the company making the tool. In that carton was this: And when you open the inside box, you find […]

  • CFExpress: Prograde Card Reader

    As I am in the process of switching systems and my new Camera has CFExpress cards + SD cards, I need a new card reader. Ideally one that does those 2 formats. There are not a lot for that purpose. Most card readers are either the old style (SD, CF, micro), or just CFExpress/XQD(and be careful, some of […]