Category: Photography

  • Nuoler Ried, on a grey afternoon

    First time to the Nuoler Ried, and it was a forgettable, grey April afternoon. Not a lot to see there, and the light was terrible. But we were glad we went, as we saw for the first time a flock of around ten swans take flight and move straight towards us. A great experience, those…

  • Broncolor, Godox and Profoto

    My wife is a professional photographer, and for the last 3 years, she used Broncolor Siros 800L in the studio. Outside of those 2, we had 3 Godox speed lights. For those unfamiliar, the Siros 800L system is around 5000 CHF for a set of 2. So we are talking about serious gear there.Now both systems…

  • Katzensee, March 2021

    Spend 2 hours today walking around Katzensee. Due to the birds breeding, a lot of the area is off limits for walking, but still managed to have a nice enough time.

  • Pfäffikersee, Januar 2021

  • Colored lights and WH 40K fun

    Spend an hour or two playing with lights under the guidance and with the help of my wife. For a first attempt, I like the results.

  • Zurich, in the Toni Areal

    We went out for a little shooting today, it was sunny when we left, and was dark and rainy 3 hours later. The Toni Areal is the area where the Zurich Academy of Arts is located. It used to be a milk factory, now it’s a cultural centre, with libraries, museum, restaurants and student life.…

  • Chatzensee, Nikon Z7 II and red kites

    On Christmas Eve, we wanted to get out for an hour or so, and went to Chatzensee again. By the time we got there, the weather turned grey and threatened to rain soon, so we only went for an hour long stroll. We saw som Red Kites (Rotmilan) flying by, and as ususal, dark bird…

  • Zurich, at a rainy pre XMas afternoon

    We needed to get out of the house, so we took the bus to downtown Zurich and walked around for 2 hours. It is 2 days before Christmas, and the shops are decorated as ususal. The only thing different is that all the restaurants are closed (starting today we have harder lockdown rules again). It…

  • Taking the Z 7 II to the Zoo

    Taking the Z 7 II to the Zoo

    Today was the last day the Zoo in Zurich is open for at least a month. New pandemic restrictions. As I already have vacation, I thought I take this final day and go there. Sadly, I was not the only one. The Zoo was rather full, and working with a tripod was pretty much out…

  • The mighty duck

    of Rapperswil. Today I went with the new Nikon Z 7 II to Rapperswil to do some bird watching. It was miserable, grey and foggy. But I am rather pleased with the percentage of good photos, much better than my outings with the old system.