Chatzensee, Nikon Z7 II and red kites

On Christmas Eve, we wanted to get out for an hour or so, and went to Chatzensee again. By the time we got there, the weather turned grey and threatened to rain soon, so we only went for an hour long stroll.

We saw som Red Kites (Rotmilan) flying by, and as ususal, dark bird against a grey sky. From my time with the Fuji 100–400, I assumed this is going to be hopeless, but I tried anyway. One of the pictures coming out of the camera looked like this:


As i said, grey skey, shooting again the light. Now, with the Nikon, there is enough data in the file to adjust the exposure and the whitebalance to get this out of it:


Totally astonished. Still not a great picture, I need better positioning and better light for that. But still, this is a bird, and not just a black spot.

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