Nikon Z7 II and CaptureOne 20/21

CaptureOne does not support the new Nikon cameras, neither the Z6 II, nor the, just yesterday released, Z7 II.

With Adobe releasing the new DNG Converter, there is (outside of the exif change hack – which i assume is exactly what Adobe did in the converter – treat the Z7 II as the Z7, they have the same sensor after all) a reasonable workflow, that i tested yesterday, as i got my Z 7 II (had to brag) then.

– Pop the CF Express card in the reader.

– Copy the files you want to some location on your system

– Use Adobe DNG Converter to convert to DNG files in that location. This leaves your originals intact, assuming you ever want to work with them in the future

– Import the DNGs from that location to CaptureOne.

Not quiet as nice, but it will work for the few weeks until they release the next Camera Update.



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