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  • Dune 2021

    Finally got around to watch Dune in the movie theater yesterday. If you are in one of the following control groups: (a) – tired of seeing movies owned by disney (b) tired of every SciFi flick in the last years is Star Wars (and owned by disney) (c) or every “SciFi” flick is Marvel (and…

  • Aretha Franklin “Amazing Grace” by Sidney Pollack

    Movie recommendation: 2 years ago a documentary about Aretha Franklin, shot by Sidney Pollack from 1972 was released. I don’t know why it was not released in the 70s, but it was released beginning of this year in Switzerland. I finally found it on AppleTV, not sure where else it’s on. It is not so…

  • Robotics has come so far

  • You are fired !

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Not the outcome I was hoping for, as Biden will be very much blocked by the Republican Senate, assuming the election continues as it is currently predicted. But, at least, the psychopath is gone. Good riddance, it’s time. 

  • Udemy

    During the start of the pandemic, i took advantage of Udemy, and got 3 courses of interest. Since then, since April 2020, not a week passes by that Udemy is not spamming me with another “greatest sale, last sale, final sale” of the season. This is ridiculous, and all they are achieving is that I…

  • I miss traveling

    or better, I miss the memory of it. This year, there is no way I will set foot in an airplane, and who knows about next year….