Dune 2021

Finally got around to watch Dune in the movie theater yesterday. If you are in one of the following control groups:

(a) – tired of seeing movies owned by disney

(b) tired of every SciFi flick in the last years is Star Wars (and owned by disney)

(c) or every “SciFi” flick is Marvel (and owned by disney)

(d) you like SciFi movies

…you should go and see this in the cinemas. The artistic vision, the scale really deserves a large screen (larger than 65”) and a good sound system. But, don’t be fooled to think this is a special effects movie. Yes, there are some acion scenes, but it’s not a lot (compared to any marvel movie, this movie has a plot… and dialogue) – most of the special effects are there to create emotion, not to just shock you out of your seat. If you are a fan of the book, i read the book a couple of times, and I would hope that Frank Herbert would have been proud by this adoption of his novel. Get’s my thumbs up

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