Donald is teaching history

Today, Donald is teaching us about American history. He is complaining about the 1619 project (which won a Pulitzer), calling it left-wing propaganda. Trump said children should know “they are citizens of the most exceptional nation in the history of the world”.”

I can understand that you want to paint your own country in the best possible light. But if the years since Trumps election, and especially the time during the pandemic, has taught us anything, than it’s this: the USA is a deeply broken country.

– No one should win an election with 3million votes less than the opponent. The American election system is completely broken, the electorat is wrong, and gerrymendering is a past time better fit for banana republics.

– the American education system works well for the rich. And it stops there. The average American education is shamefully bad.

– the racial injustices are not just caused by “some bad apples”. Let’s start talking about the native population, once they are done with blacks and Latinos.

– the social systems do not work, or do not exist. That most people do not have the right to have sick days is just appalling.

The USA is not the greatest country in the world. It is the country with the strongest military. This is not the same. In most other aspects, be it education or social equality, the USA does not even enter the top 10.

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