He wanted to play it down…

As it is all over the news these days, I like to make a point that most of the news outlets, as often with Trump, don’t make.

It is fine to say “I did not want to create a panic, I wanted to play it down”. It is fine to say that, but I don’t believe Trump for a second. He is never shy to create a panic, he is doing so right now by blaming democratic leaders with the fall of the suburbs.

If Trump wanted to just avoid a panic, but he did take the pandemic serious – then why did his government do nothing to prepare the country for it? They did not stockpile masks, they did not create a rule book, a playbook on how to behave, what things to do and don’t during this time of crisis.

The Trump administration did nothing. They did not know what to do, because Trump surrounded himself with sycophants and not with specialists. They’ did do nothing and played it down, because they were not able to come up with anything better.

Oh wait, he advised people to drink bleach. To bad he did not follow his own advise.

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