Michelin Anakee Adventure

Given the fact that I will be at another Enduro Training in a few weeks, I needed to replace the Metzler Tourance Next that came with the bike. I did not like those at all, they seem to cause a noise between 50–80 km/h, a high pitched whining. Does not seem to be uncommon from what i learned Googling.

I got the Anakee Adventures for a a few days now, probably 500km on them so far. As they are 80/20 tires, they look more fitting for an Enduro bike. I had only sunshine the last few days, but on dirt/gravel as well as on the road they hold up better than the TKC 70 or the Tourance Next. Nice and easy into the curves with good feedback. If they are good in the rain as well, i think I found a great all around tyre for this bike.

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