New area discovered

I was in the mood to ride, so i took a longer trip, with the primary goal to see the “Basilica de Valera”. To make it not that boring, I quit the highway A12 around Bulle and took a bit of a detour: This was a rather scenic, small roads kind of drive. I am rather unfamiliar with this particular area, and I was glad i took the detour. No traffic (yesterday, gorgeous sunday), very nice views. Well worth doing if you happen to be in that area. If you live in that area, you are blessed with very nice weekend rides. Never rode around Lausanne before, consider it for your next day trip. From there I went to the basilica, took the highway again, and did Furka, Grimsel and Sustenpass on the way back. This was the third time I have visited Grimsel in the last 2 years, and I think it’s my favorite pass in terms of views.

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