Unloading and finally back on the ground
At 6:30 the rooms had to be cleared. As regular loudspeaker announcements in French indicated this since 5:00, there is no chance that you are missing this.
One announcement also came in English, which you should pay attention to, since it announces the gathering  point for the respective parking garages.
At around 7:40, we were sitting on our motorcycles, nicely surrounded by the rally participants. After, what felt like an eternity, we rolled out to meet the custom officials.
I did not even have to unmount. There was just one friendly official, who more or less took my form and waved me through. The whole process took maybe 30seconds.
I’m looking for the motorcycle insurance in the port area – but all that I find are still closed. it is not 8:30 yet, apparently no one is working here at this time.
Now I can wait for them to open. …. Or drive ….?
So I continue in the direction of Fes, and find 2 more closed Axa insurance representations.
I have no intentions to have an accident, so I continue on and plan on buy insurance in Fes.
You do not need to be afraid of the traffic in Morocco – it is not  worse than anywhere else. Only in Germany do you drives so rigid and restraint – everywhere else in the world, it flows, it is more like a living organism. If you can drive in France or Spain or Italy, you can drive in Morocco.



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