On the way to Marocco

Marketplace in Nancy

On my way to Sète
I started on a Friday afternoon in the middle of March. The weather in the “Bergische Land”, an area north of Cologne in Germany,  was cold and cloudy, but behind Cologne it cleared up, it became sunny and the temperatures rose to 18 degrees – beautiful weather for the country roads between the Eifel and Luxembourg.
The journey was quiet and eventless, listening to music, thinking about the weeks that lie ahead of me and to slowly calm down and start to feel the stress slip away.
Overnight stay was after 450km in Nancy. A pretty city, from the limited impression you can get in that short time. There are many small restaurants, and at least in one of them there is a distinguished Jambon for dinner.
The next morning the beautiful weather of the previous day changed. It was 4 degrees and foggy when I left Nancy around 9:00. An hour later it began to rain – and that went on for 5 hours. The only positive thing about the ride is that I now know my equipment is completely waterproof.
About 5:30 pm I arrived at the ferry port of Sète. A good 850km through France and just 3 construction sites without delay. That would not have happened to me in NRW. There it is more likely to have  850km of construction sites with a total of 3 workers …


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